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The backbone of Portland Choirs is the volunteer support provided by the community, most especially the parents. Every family is expected to assist with a task that help supports either operations, rehearsals, costuming, concerts/events, and/or fundraising activities through contributions of time, talent, and resources. Please indicate below the specific tasks for which you'd like to volunteer.

1. PORTLAND BOYCHOIR REHEARSAL MONITOR: Need 5-7 people (e.g., parents, grandparents, nannies all encouraged to volunteer) per choir for Advanced Boys - Trebles, Intermediate Boys, and Primary Boys rehearsals. These volunteers will receive training guidelines for how to help support singers during rehearsal and rotate with a core group of volunteers for their specific choir through the weekly rehearsal schedule. Room monitors will be available to handle emergencies or stay with singers if the director has to step out unexpectedly, keep track of singers taking a drink or restroom break, assist with behavioral expectations by gently redirecting singers to focus on task at hand, remain on site until all choir members have left, and find a replacement if he/she is unable to attend his/her scheduled time. This is a great opportunity to witness rehearsals on a regular basis and get to know all the choristers, the director, and other parents.

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2. SUNDAY DOOR MONITOR: Looking for 5 parents from each Ovation, Premier Gents, Advanced Gents, and Advanced Boys (Cambiatas & Trebles). We rehearse in a bustling neighborhood of the city. For the safety of our children, the doors remain locked except when there’s a performance occurring in the main theater. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the NWCT staff monitors the doors and provides easy access. On Sundays, when the doors are locked and unmonitored (dates to be announced), Portland Choirs requests a parent volunteer from each of the groups that will be rehearsing that day - Ovation/Premier Gents (1:55-2:10 p.m.), Advanced Gents (3:30-3:45 p.m.), and Advanced Boys (4:25-4:40 p.m.) - to monitor the locked back door of NWNCC rehearsal building and assist singers with gaining entry.

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3. PORTLAND BOYCHOIR BLUE BLAZER MANAGER: Best suited for an Advanced Gents and/or Advanced Boys (Cambiata & Treble) parent. This person will manage the cleaning and distribution of the Portland Boychoir blue blazers. The cleaning project takes place over the summer by picking up the blazers from the Exective Director, contacting Plaza Cleaners in NW PDX to inquire if they'll continue to donate cleaning, taking the blazers to Plaza Cleaners, picking up the blazers once cleaned, then delivering them to a pre-scheduled Advanced Gents & Advanced Boys rehearsal (most likely in September) for the boys' fitting.

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4. CLOTHES CLOSET MANAGER: Need one parent for each Intermediate Boys & Primary Boys.  Each parent will manage the performance attire donated and borrowed by choir families, including responding to inquiries through wardrobe@portlandchoirs.org. It's easiest to interface with other choir families during rehearsal, so all clothing (mostly pants & shoes for the younger singers) is kept onsite at NWNCC, the rehearsal building.

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5. PHOTOGRAPHER: This person or persons loves photography and has the equipment to capture great photos to be shared with Portland Choirs for archival, promotional and website use.

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6. VIDEOGRAPHER: This person or persons loves videography and has the equipment to capture great videos to be shared with Portland Choirs for archival, promotional and website use.

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7. GRANT WRITER/MANAGER: This person is a persuasive writer and organized project manager, able to research grant opportunities based on Portland Choirs' needs, coordinate with and assimilate information from staff during the grant proposal, award and reporting phases, and manage the overall project from start to finish.

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8. BOARD MEMBER: This person (parent, extended family member, or community member) believes in Portland Choirs mission and is willing to be vetted for consideration to volunteer his/her time as a board member.

8. Provide person's full name, including email and phone number if not a Portland Choirs parent.
9. Please list any special skills you would be willing to donate ... such as bookkeeping, fundraising, grant-writing, graphic design, non-profit expertise, legal, musician. If related, please share your profession and any resources or connections you have.

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