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Fundraising, a healthy part of the non-profit culture, positively contributes to Portland Choir's mission. Because tuition and concert proceeds account for approximately 50% of Portland Choirs operating costs, the organization depends on year-round donations and fund-raising activities. Families are asked to either participate with fund raising or contribute monetarily toward the tuition "gap," the difference between the actual cost of the program and amount charged for tuition.

The true cost estimate for the Portland Choirs program is $825 for Primary Boys, $1175 for Intermediate Boys, $2250 for Advanced Boys (Camibatas & Trebles), $1350 for Advanced Gents, $2600 for Premier Gents, and $1750 for Ovation which is $300 more for Primary, $500 more for Intermediate Boys, $900 more for Advanced Boys, $450 more for Ovation Training, and $550 more for Ovation per participant, also referred to as the "gap."

Please make a voluntary tax-deductible donation to the Portland Choirs Annual Fund for the true cost of participation or commit to this season's fundraising events. For season 2017-18, Portland Choirs will be participating in the Fall Raffle, Winter & Spring Appeal Letter Campaigns, "Thrive" Brunch Fundraiser, Flower Basket selling, and Silent Auction at the year-end concert.

RAFFLE: Sell $5.00 tickets from October 2017 to November 2017. Drawing (for chance to win $500) on December 9, 2017 at "Making Spirits Bright."

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ANNUAL FUND: For the Winter and Spring Appeal Letter Campaigns, each singer is requested to supply the names and complete mailing addresses of three family and friends who would be interested in supporting Portland Choirs. (Additional names may be submitted to the Executive Director via email.) This is an excellent way for out-of-state grandparents and aunts/uncles to support their singer. Please supply an email address if they'd like to receive our newsletter and concert announcements.

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"THRIVE" FUNDRAISING BRUNCH: This 2nd annual fundraising brunch will take place during Winter 2018 (exact date TBD) with an objective to invite guests outside the Portland Choirs network and donor base. We aim to develop relationships with community members who would value supporting our mission and like to partner with us through financial donation, concert attendance, and collaborative projects. Do you know anyone you'd be willing to invite? Any choir parent(s) choosing to participate as "Thrive" Ambassadors will help secure the guest list and attend the event to host their guest(s). There is no cost for any Ambassador or guest to attend. 

Additionally, Portland Choirs would like to hold smaller guest events hosted by our choir families in their home. This might include a cocktail gathering, a dinner party, a dessert reception where the host invites his/her friends to attend, meet Portland Choirs staff/board, and hear some of our singers perform. We're interested in knowing which families may have interest in hosting and helping us develop this more intimate approach to building our "Thrive" guest list.

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FLOWER BASKET SALES: The 12th annual flower basket sales will commence March 2018 and conclude early May 2018. Each singer is requested to sell beautiful flower baskets during March/early April 2018. Deliveries are made the first weekend in May, one weekend prior to Mother's Day. They're easy to sell, very popular, and we have many repeat customers.

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SILENT AUCTION: Each singer's family is requested to participate in the Silent Auction held during our year-end concert on May 21, 2018 at Kaul Auditorium. This season a committee will procure donations from the greater Portland community.

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I understand the importance of the above-outlined fundraising activities (Raffle, Winter & Spring Appeal Letter Campaigns, "Thrive" Fundraising Brunch, Flower Baskets, Silent Auction) and will commit to supporting my son/daughter's participation or opt out by paying toward the "gap" referenced above.

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